What is The Colorado People’s Climate Justice Platform (CO People’s Platform)? 

The People’s Platform is a growing initiative to positively impact urgent climate policy related issues. Over 66 Colorado groups have already endorsed the initiative, representing hundreds of thousands of Coloradans’ desires for strong climate policy that will protect our health, economy and natural resources. You can learn more about the goals in the People’s Climate Justice Platform in the People’s Platform Education Guide for candidates and voters here. 

Why is this important? 

This past year has been a wake-up call for many of us that the climate crisis is here and now. The record-breaking warm and dry winter comes at a time the fossil fuel industry is sweeping across the state building new infrastructure at dangerously close proximity to our schools and homes. This summer, wildfires are rampant across the west. Climate change is here, and climate action is urgent. 

What do we want to achieve? 

The CO People’s Platform aims to unite Colorado during the 2018 election cycle around climate, jobs, and justice. Climate change is often one of the least talked about issues during elections, we are working to change that narrative and make it a key issue. We are working to create strong coalitions across green, community, labor, faith groups and beyond. We aim to strengthen the local movement and educate leaders and candidate on climate issues so they can advocate for a just and rapid transition from fossil fuels, prioritize public health and safety and protect our natural resources. We encourage candidates to take a strong position on climate justice in public leading up to the midterm elections.

Click here to endorse the platform! We are seeking organizations, businesses, candidates and elected officials. 

How are we using the platform? 

Last year, we co-hosted a bipartisan candidate forum for the candidates for Governor. Many of the questions from the environment and energy section were pulled from this platform. Check out the video below. We’ve also sent over 500 letters to candidates and elected officials, urging them to endorse the platform and prioritize climate justice. Earlier this year, we hosted a Statewide Day of Action, “Dance for Snow.” Individuals came together in the name of art, music and action to urge our candidates and elected officials to sign onto the platform. During the 2018 election cycle, we’re calling on every candidate to learn about and stand up for climate justice. In October, 2018 we launched the People’s Climate Justice Platform Education Guide for candidates and voters. Learn more about the issues and share the guide here.

Opportunities for Action:

Click here to share an endorsement request in less than 5 minutes with all of Colorado’s federal and state candidates!

Click here for a printable version of the platform you can bring with you to events.

Download a Bird Dogging Guide here, and get tips and facts in order to most effectively connect with candidates about climate justice issues.

Volunteer! We are looking for passionate volunteers to help us make this platform a powerful tool. Click here if you are interested in helping Colorado organize around this platform.