Civic Engagement in Climate Justice Webinars

Colorado is at a divisive time in its history addressing climate change. From fracking to more frequent severe weather events, climate change is happening in our backyards. The most rapid way of getting officials in our communities to respond to climate justice is by grassroots people power. We need motivated and concerned community members like you to advocate for and engage with other locals, as well as officials, in order to drive climate action!

This October, 350 Colorado and the Colorado People’s Platform hosted a free, four-part webinar series for Coloradans who are ready to rise and answer the call to action. Learn to engage neighbors, friends, and family within your community through leadership training and advocacy skill building. Our webinars focus on the three pillars of civic engagement (direct service, philanthropy, and advocacy) and will teach you how to find strength within the diversity of your community.

You can watch them from your own home and get the chance to learn about and connect with nonprofits focused on addressing climate justice within Colorado. We will teach you how to set goals in order to create events and participate within your own community regarding climate change.  Whether you watch one or more webinars, you will learn how you can make a positive difference in the name of climate justice.

Pillar One: Direct Service

Pillar Two: Philanthropy

Pillar Three: Advocacy

Pillar Four: Reflection and Plan of Action