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To achieve the objective of present study, seven important mangrove sampling sites viz ; Dedeka-Mundeka, Kalubhar, Pirotan, Poshitra, Sikka, Khijadiya and Jodiya were selected from southern GoK. At species level, A. The salinity was measured from the values of chloride obtained ex-situ by Titration method as per standard methods for the examination of water and waste water Rice et al, Principal component analysis showed the number of parameters such as salinity, texture and organic carbon which affects the natural regeneration of mangrove species in the study area. Das L. References Agarwal S. External link. Therefore, by and large, the sediment texture was found to be silty loam at all the selected sites.

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    images dedeka body

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    Analysis of physico-chemical parameters of mangroves and wetland soils of Visakhapatnam coast, Bay of Bengal, India.

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    Physico-chemical analysis of mangrove soil in the Machilipatnam coastal region, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. On the other hand, the silt content varied from While, the third group is formed by coastal sites again i. Results and discussion 3.

    images dedeka body
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    Sandy soil holds very less organic matter as compared to the clay soil.

    Changing landscape of marine national Park and sanctuary, gulf of Kachchh: ecological assessment of mangroves and coral reefs.

    Particle density showed the highest value at Sikka 1.

    images dedeka body

    Abstract 1. Environ Monit Assess615 Jul Jodiya and Sikka but, the difference lies in the influence of anthropogenic pressure and activities performed therein.

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    Biogeo-chemistry of mangrove soil organic matter: a comparison between Rhizophora and Avicennia soils in south-eastern Brazil.

    The regeneration of R.

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    Each plant species has a certain tolerance for each environmental factor and a complex of environmental factors determines the actual distribution of plants in nature Waring and Major, PC4 has strong loading on A. Group-C included two coastal sites i.

    The water and sediment pH was measured in-situ by using pH pen make: Eutech and pH spear make: Eutech respectively. Declarations Author contribution statement Das L.

    images dedeka body
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    Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater. The major advantage of natural regeneration is that the resulting forest is expected to be more similar to the local mangrove species.

    Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Published online Aug 8.

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    Analysis of physico-chemical parameters of mangroves and wetland soils of Visakhapatnam coast, Bay of Bengal, India. On the other hand the minimum density of natural recruitment of A. The pH of water showed alkaline nature throughout the study period.

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    images dedeka body

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    Group-C included two coastal sites i.

    The average values of water and sediment parameters were used to perform various statistical analyses to interrelate it with mangrove regeneration.

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    Physico-chemical characteristics of the Vellar estuary in relation to shrimp farming. The coastal configuration of the entire Gulf is more or less irregular with a number of islands, creeks and bays. Moreover, the PCA biplot Fig.

    images dedeka body
    Dedeka body
    From these sites, the water and sediment samples were collected and analyzed.

    Status of density recruits. The botany of mangroves. Main source of soil organic carbon and matter is litter. Graph showing variation in selected sediment quality parameters at seven sites of GoK.

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      DasR. Nutrients and heavy metal contamination of plants and sediments in Futian mangrove forest.

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      This information would be useful in management decisions of mangrove plantation such as the selection of species and sites that can provide suitable environment for growth of the four mangrove species studied in Gulf of Kachchh. External link.